How well does your work life fit in around your personal life? Do you spend enough time with family & friends, doing things you enjoy or does work always come first?

Here are some helpful tips on how to split up the different aspects of your work & life.

Spending time doing fun things like sports & hobbies, spending time with family & friends or relaxing are important parts of your life/work balance.

A healthy balance is about the interaction between your paid work & other activities like unpaid work in the community, leisure & activities within your family.

How to tell if your balance is right?

In order to assess your work life balance you may like to consider the following aspects & adjust them accordingly:

– Are you working long hours?
– Do you have varied hours or rotational shifts?
– Do you work hours in your own time?
– Do you take your work home with you?
– Do you take your work laptop or phone to bed with you?
– Do you take your work phone or laptop on holiday with you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you may be over worked or have a poor work/life balance.

How can you tell when you’ve got a good work/life balance?

You will usually have a good work/life balance if you:

– Feel a sense of control in both work & life
– Receive a good sense of achievement during work & life
– Enjoy your day during work & everyday life

What do you do if your current employment is over balancing your life?

Sometimes we get so busy working that we forget what is important to us so it’s a good idea take a step back from time to time & look at where we are in life & whether or not we are achieving what we want from our lives.

This can be achieved by asking yourself questions like:

– Am I spending enough time with my friends & family?
– Which areas of my life er most important?
– Do I get enough food & rest?
– Do I spend enough time doing things that I enjoy?

You may be able to make life a bit easier by simplifying your activities:

– Make changes to your time management schedules to relieve pressure
– Take steps to free up busy hours at home
– Assess your work hours
– If you are tired after work, give yourself a break by turning off your phone

If you think your employer could help you to achieve a better life/work balance, talk to them about putting some ideas in place to help with the situation.

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